Why do a guest bathroom upgrade?

I started adding up today what we spent in our bathroom upgrade. I’m a little blown away with the total. This week in the Jeffrey Court Challenge in partnership with Homes.com I’m sharing the cost and value in upgrading your home. I have done some internet searching on what return on investment (ROI) I can expect.

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Homes.com is a good place to start when thinking of selling or buying. Tons of knowlage and inspration.

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Its a great place to check out and see what you can learn!

This is not my forever house, but I plan on being here for a while. So, while I’m here I want to make changes that make the house work better for my family. I also take into account what this will do for my resale value.

We bought our house as a repo and plan to sell it for a profit when we ready. The best ROI is considered but not the most important thing. So, let’s get down to the numbers! From my research, a bathroom renovation gets at least a 60% ROI.  My total so far is about $7,000. You can defiantly do this cheaper than me! We did a total gut job and started over. It’s a lot I know! The national average is even more. We really went all out, and it blows my mind. But like I said we did a classic design in marble that should add to our resale value and agreeable to potential buyers. It will also be beautiful for our future guests.

So don’t be afraid to renovate a house that isn’t your forever home. It will only be adding to your future sale!! And you will enjoy the house more while you still have it.

See ya later!

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