Month: September 2015

Ways to save Money on the power bill $$

Did you know their is cheap and easy ways to save on the power bill?

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There are some basic you can do to save. Let’s start with the free things and work our way to the bigger things. A lot of my tips go back to the hot water heater or cooking. Anything that has to warm up uses a lot of power. So think about it the oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and space heaters. Anyways you can cut back on using it. Or help it run easier will be worthwhile.

  • set the thermostat to 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer
  • turn down the temperature on the hot water heater to 120 or less. This is a big one. Your hot water heater is running all the time. Making it run less makes a big difference.
  • wash clothes in cold water.
  • turn the heat dry setting off on the dishwasher.
  • Check for leaks on the A/C ducts. I found one A/C duct on my house had come loose. I had been wasting all the air from that vent going under the house. And I will tell you fixing that one vent made a big difference in the temperature of the whole house!
  • make sure refrigerator and freezer are set at the right temperature. If you don’t know. Look up the make and model online. That information should be inside the door.
  • keep the lint trap clean on the dryer. It will work easier that way. And run the dryer at night in the summer. This way it won’t heat up the house during the heat of the day. Making the A/C work harder.
  • Don’t use space heaters if you have other options. If you can use a fireplace or a wood stove to heat a room.
  • Like the dryer, try not to use the oven during the day. It takes a lot to get the oven up to temperature. So if you must use it put your food in early. Cut back on cooking time the best you can.

moving on to the suggestions that require some investment

  • Get a hot water heater blanket!! It can save up to 25% alone. I have got one for every house I’ve moved to. It’s not too expensive and very worth it.
  • Check around exterior doors. If you can see light through a closed door. Then you have a weatherstripping problem. Easy fix. There are different kinds. The main one pulls out of the door frame. Or you can get the peal and sick. I use this to add around the main weatherstripping or on interior doors if needed.
  • Replace any lights you can with solar lights.
  • Replace your 5 most used light bulbs with LED lights bulbs. BIG ONE!! This helped me out a lot.
  • Insulate windows. With a kit or even hang a blanket over the window in the winter.
  • add insulation in the attic. Anyplace you can increase insulation is a good idea.
  • check around in water lines coming into the foundation of the house. Any holes that air or bugs can get through fill with Great stuff. It’s just a spay that expands to fill the space. Real easy to use.
  • the last one, remember to change the filters on the A/C unit every 3 months. (check the size you need on the in-house part of the A/C unit)

        thank you for your time. I hope you find this as useful as I have.


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