Adding Bling to the bathroom

Part five

This week in the Jeffery court challenge I’m going over the jewelry of the bathroom. Let’s talk about the pretty shiny fixtures. We have plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures to pick from. I started by picking the style of fixtures.

Tile choices Norton and Bardiglio…. Get your vote in!! Click here

 I wanted a very clean sleek look. So my fixtures are a bit modern. I looked at many different places for fixtures before making a choice. I looked on Google, Wayfair, Home Depot, and Amazon. I decided on a gooseneck first for the showerhead. This way the shower will be further out from the wall. From there I had to find the showerhead that fit the gooseneck.

Next, I was looking for quality for the valve. I don’t want leaks down the road and have to open a wall. So I went with Moen. It’s a good quality brand I have used before. After putting up all of this marble I don’t want problems with the plumbing. So for me, it’s worth the extra cost.

Now we have the vanity. Hopefully, this is the most used fixture in the bathroom! So this needs to stand up the use of the whole family and any guest. Also, it needs to be beautiful.  So I went back to Moen looking for sleek and beautiful. Hopefully, you agree this fits the bill.

Last but not least is the lighting. This bathroom like most of the house only has can lights. You know the kind that is round and up in the ceiling. So we are adding a vanity light over the mirror. I wanted a schoolhouse fixture with two lights. I am very pleased with the one I got from Home Depot. It was much more reasonably priced than anywhere else

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