Month: September 2016

My Secret to Save~Making Money around the Holidays



My secret weapon to making money around the holidays is a website you’ve probably heard of but never knew you could earn money on – it’s EBATES!


Ebates has this really cool program where they give you anywhere between $50 – $100 for referring a few friends to their website. It’s really easy to do because Ebates is actually a website that saves people money, so a lot of people (including myself) use it when they go shopping online.


  1. Before you shop anywhere online (Amazon, ebay, your favorite store, etc) start by logging into Ebates first.
  2. Search for that online store / website name in the Ebates search bar
  3. Click on the link that pops up to take you to the website.
  4. Doing this starts an active “Ebates shopping session” where you will earn cash back on your purchases.
  5. After you make a purchase, you will be credited cash back in your Ebates account to cash out later!

It’s so easy. I literally use it for everything. Just yesterday I ordered a Shutterfly photo book using this method. Last week I ordered something on Amazon using this trick. Both websites I was going to buy something from already….but by starting my shopping sessions on Ebates, I got cash back on my purchases!


Once you use Ebates for the first time, you will no doubt LOVE it.

Several times a year (and especially around the holidays), Ebates will put out a promotion that says you can get cash for referring your friends to Ebates.

All you have to do when this happens is share your Ebates referral link with friends. If they end up making a cash back purchase after signing up under you, you’ll get a bonus!

It’s so easy. I do it every time a promotion comes out and because Ebates is so easy to refer people to (I mean, everyone LOVES cash back!), it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Click here to sign up for Ebates (it’s free to do so) and be ready when the next Refer-A-Friend promotion comes around!

Here’s proof that it works – this is my current signup bonus pending! It shows that I’ve already earned an easy $60 for this quarter! You cannot beat this opportunity to earn money without even hardly trying! They’ve been running these bonus specials for years, so I think it’s pretty safe to say you can count on this to continue for a long time


If you’re new to Ebates and sign up today, you’ll get something very special after you make your first online purchase using the method I described above. You’ll get a $10 bonus immediately credited to your account! This in in addition to the cash back you’ll get from the shopping session.

I love that they offer this deal! It gives you an incentive to earn cash back and a very good reason for all your friends to join, which will earn you referral commission! ????

You can easily signup up on mobile or desktop. When you click on the signup button, you’ll see a popup like this. You can sign up in seconds with Facebook or use an email address. I personally did it with Facebook to make things easy.


Note: If you see this signup bonus has expired, please let me know in the comments below.


For the past few years, Ebates has been back to back refer-a-friend promotions. After the holiday promotion ends, they do a late winter promotion, then a spring promotion, a summer promotion, and then another one….they basically do one at least every quarter and really hit them hard around the holidays.

The best part about this is – the more promotions they run = lots of chances for you to earn referral cash!

Every time you login to the Tell-A-Friend dashboard, you will see the current bonus structure. They range from $50 to $100 each. This is an older one that occurred around the holidays (hint: they always offer more around the holidays!)

ebates Q4 2015 referral tiers

This will vary from promotion to promotion, but it’s usually the same idea. Get a small bonus for one friend, a way bigger bonus for the second and third friends referred. And just a heads up = the bonus structure is usually a tad better around the holidays!


After you sign up for Ebates (it’s free to do so), you will see a “TELL-A-FRIEND” tab. Click on that and you’ll see your referral link. You can copy and paste your referral link for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, even in a text to your best friends.

Ebates dashboard Tell-A-Friend example

When your friends click on your referral link and sign up for Ebates, that signup will be linked to your account. And when that friend eventually uses Ebates to make a cash back purchase, you’ll earn referral credit!

IMPORTANT: Referral bounties don’t kick in until your friends ACTUALLY USE Ebates to claim their first rebate. But what’s great about Ebates is that there’s no time limitation on the activation. Once your friend signs up, as long as they use the site to get a cash back rebate during one of these promotion periods (remember – they happen lots during the year now), you’ll get your credit! And you can see all of this in your dashboard.

Now, if you really want to maximize your referral credit, make sure to tell your friends to make their first purchases ONLY WHEN Ebates is running the referral promotion. That way you will be sure to get your full referral credit. When it’s not in place, I believe the referral credit may be $5 per referral, although I’m not 100% sure about that.


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