Month: October 2019

Adding Bling to the bathroom

Part five

This week in the Jeffery court challenge I’m going over the jewelry of the bathroom. Let’s talk about the pretty shiny fixtures. We have plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures to pick from. I started by picking the style of fixtures.

Tile choices Norton and Bardiglio…. Get your vote in!! Click here

 I wanted a very clean sleek look. So my fixtures are a bit modern. I looked at many different places for fixtures before making a choice. I looked on Google, Wayfair, Home Depot, and Amazon. I decided on a gooseneck first for the showerhead. This way the shower will be further out from the wall. From there I had to find the showerhead that fit the gooseneck.

Next, I was looking for quality for the valve. I don’t want leaks down the road and have to open a wall. So I went with Moen. It’s a good quality brand I have used before. After putting up all of this marble I don’t want problems with the plumbing. So for me, it’s worth the extra cost.

Now we have the vanity. Hopefully, this is the most used fixture in the bathroom! So this needs to stand up the use of the whole family and any guest. Also, it needs to be beautiful.  So I went back to Moen looking for sleek and beautiful. Hopefully, you agree this fits the bill.

Last but not least is the lighting. This bathroom like most of the house only has can lights. You know the kind that is round and up in the ceiling. So we are adding a vanity light over the mirror. I wanted a schoolhouse fixture with two lights. I am very pleased with the one I got from Home Depot. It was much more reasonably priced than anywhere else

See ya later!  


Why do a guest bathroom upgrade?

I started adding up today what we spent in our bathroom upgrade. I’m a little blown away with the total. This week in the Jeffrey Court Challenge in partnership with I’m sharing the cost and value in upgrading your home. I have done some internet searching on what return on investment (ROI) I can expect.

Look at What is my house worth

Look at How to sell your home is a good place to start when thinking of selling or buying. Tons of knowlage and inspration.

Homes For Sale

Homes For Rent

Homes Values


Find Agent

Its a great place to check out and see what you can learn!

This is not my forever house, but I plan on being here for a while. So, while I’m here I want to make changes that make the house work better for my family. I also take into account what this will do for my resale value.

We bought our house as a repo and plan to sell it for a profit when we ready. The best ROI is considered but not the most important thing. So, let’s get down to the numbers! From my research, a bathroom renovation gets at least a 60% ROI.  My total so far is about $7,000. You can defiantly do this cheaper than me! We did a total gut job and started over. It’s a lot I know! The national average is even more. We really went all out, and it blows my mind. But like I said we did a classic design in marble that should add to our resale value and agreeable to potential buyers. It will also be beautiful for our future guests.

So don’t be afraid to renovate a house that isn’t your forever home. It will only be adding to your future sale!! And you will enjoy the house more while you still have it.

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Renovate a builder grade guest bathroom

  When I was thinking of starting the renovation on the guest bathroom, I started an inspiration board. Mostly it was a board on Pinterest with a bunch of bathrooms I liked. From there I started picking what I really like from the pictures that I would like in my home. Then I started looking on home depot for what was available. 

This was my main starting point.

beautiful right!

Moving to what was affordable looked like this. Then when I was at Haven this year, I heard about the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge! This was a perfect match. And I am so excited to be in the competition!  If you want to look, click here (link).

As everyone knows things change and budgets get thrown out the window. So happy new ideas.

Who doesn’t love marble? Its timeless and classic. Marble just felt like the best idea. It will look beautiful and should be agreeable to anyone when we sell the house later. Some things are staying the same. Like the vanity that we got at home depot. It comes with the sink no real assembly really. Just put the legs on.



I can’t wait to see this come together!! I’m excited I could bust!!

See ya soon!


UPDATE A builder grade bathroom to classily beautiful PART 2

So, in part one we removed the vanity, linoleum, and plywood floor. Week two we are going over the water damage and removing the tub. If you remember the black paper on the floor in part 1 that was removed easily. Click here to check out the Jeffery Court page

The next big thing was the tub. First you must understand that the tub was put in the house before drywall. So there is a lip built in the tub for drywall to sit on. We cut the tub out with a jigsaw. We cut it in half and around the edge first. That way we do the least amount of damage to the drywall.

Then you end up with an open space to create what you want.

As you can see, we found water damage. It went through both layers of plywood. This must be replaced. The floor is tongue and grove so this will be interesting to replace. We are only cutting out the rot and replacing that. Then we will add more crossbeams underneath to sure it up.

And we also cut in the hole for the new drain in the shower. So, we moved the plumbing over underneath from the tub to the middle for the shower.

que the forbidding music!!!  Warning my husband is accident-prone. So, at this point, he knocked over a 2×4 and it broke off the hot water valve from the wall. I had 2 chargers plugged in charging the batteries for my RYOBI tools. My husband jumped up and ran for the basement to turn off the main water valve for the house. I started moving tools and putting down towels. As my feet were starting to get hot from the water, I notice the charges. My brain clicked. I’m standing in water with tools that are plugged in!! so I yanked the cords out of the wall! Moving as much as I can so the tools will still work. UGH! Not a good night. My husband had to run to home depot and get another valve. He replaced it and had to wait for the glue to dry before turning the water back on. I had a fan on the floor to help dry it up.

At least all the demo is done. Now its time to prepare for the new. Putting in the concrete board and building the step threshold for the shower. We hope to have that done this weekend.

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UPDATE A builder grade bathroom to classically beautiful

Part 1

How bad is it when a guest asks to go to the restroom, and you know its old and ugly?

I am so excited to update this restroom with the exquisite tile from Jeffery Court (available at Home Depot). CLICK HERE TO SEE The next few weeks I will be going over the transformation of this room. First is the most satisfying part! Demo! What a great way to take out some frustration.

All this requires is a utility blade, a small pry bar, and a drill.

We removed all the baseboards and trim. Then we used the utility blade cut around the edge and pulled up the linoleum flooring.  (next week I will go over what we found here, UGH)

Next, my husband removed the old vanity. First, get all the junk out from in it. HAHAHA old hair gel. Then turn off the water valve. Remove the water line from the valve. Unscrew from the wall then a whole lot of pulling. I should have videoed that for you!

If your linoleum is under the vanity you need to change you order. Everyone’s might be a little different, but the idea is the same.

When we removed the plywood there was the black paper and then another layer of wood. We must remove the first layer to replace it with board for the tile.

Next week we will remove the tub and the rest of the flooring. And go over what we found in the floor.