Renovate a builder grade guest bathroom

  When I was thinking of starting the renovation on the guest bathroom, I started an inspiration board. Mostly it was a board on Pinterest with a bunch of bathrooms I liked. From there I started picking what I really like from the pictures that I would like in my home. Then I started looking on home depot for what was available. 

This was my main starting point.

beautiful right!

Moving to what was affordable looked like this. Then when I was at Haven this year, I heard about the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge! This was a perfect match. And I am so excited to be in the competition!  If you want to look, click here (link).

As everyone knows things change and budgets get thrown out the window. So happy new ideas.

Who doesn’t love marble? Its timeless and classic. Marble just felt like the best idea. It will look beautiful and should be agreeable to anyone when we sell the house later. Some things are staying the same. Like the vanity that we got at home depot. It comes with the sink no real assembly really. Just put the legs on.



I can’t wait to see this come together!! I’m excited I could bust!!

See ya soon!


UPDATE A builder grade bathroom to classily beautiful PART 2

So, in part one we removed the vanity, linoleum, and plywood floor. Week two we are going over the water damage and removing the tub. If you remember the black paper on the floor in part 1 that was removed easily. Click here to check out the Jeffery Court page

The next big thing was the tub. First you must understand that the tub was put in the house before drywall. So there is a lip built in the tub for drywall to sit on. We cut the tub out with a jigsaw. We cut it in half and around the edge first. That way we do the least amount of damage to the drywall.

Then you end up with an open space to create what you want.

As you can see, we found water damage. It went through both layers of plywood. This must be replaced. The floor is tongue and grove so this will be interesting to replace. We are only cutting out the rot and replacing that. Then we will add more crossbeams underneath to sure it up.

And we also cut in the hole for the new drain in the shower. So, we moved the plumbing over underneath from the tub to the middle for the shower.

que the forbidding music!!!  Warning my husband is accident-prone. So, at this point, he knocked over a 2×4 and it broke off the hot water valve from the wall. I had 2 chargers plugged in charging the batteries for my RYOBI tools. My husband jumped up and ran for the basement to turn off the main water valve for the house. I started moving tools and putting down towels. As my feet were starting to get hot from the water, I notice the charges. My brain clicked. I’m standing in water with tools that are plugged in!! so I yanked the cords out of the wall! Moving as much as I can so the tools will still work. UGH! Not a good night. My husband had to run to home depot and get another valve. He replaced it and had to wait for the glue to dry before turning the water back on. I had a fan on the floor to help dry it up.

At least all the demo is done. Now its time to prepare for the new. Putting in the concrete board and building the step threshold for the shower. We hope to have that done this weekend.

also, check us out on Jeffery Court

See ya later friends


UPDATE A builder grade bathroom to classically beautiful

Part 1

How bad is it when a guest asks to go to the restroom, and you know its old and ugly?

I am so excited to update this restroom with the exquisite tile from Jeffery Court (available at Home Depot). CLICK HERE TO SEE The next few weeks I will be going over the transformation of this room. First is the most satisfying part! Demo! What a great way to take out some frustration.

All this requires is a utility blade, a small pry bar, and a drill.

We removed all the baseboards and trim. Then we used the utility blade cut around the edge and pulled up the linoleum flooring.  (next week I will go over what we found here, UGH)

Next, my husband removed the old vanity. First, get all the junk out from in it. HAHAHA old hair gel. Then turn off the water valve. Remove the water line from the valve. Unscrew from the wall then a whole lot of pulling. I should have videoed that for you!

If your linoleum is under the vanity you need to change you order. Everyone’s might be a little different, but the idea is the same.

When we removed the plywood there was the black paper and then another layer of wood. We must remove the first layer to replace it with board for the tile.

Next week we will remove the tub and the rest of the flooring. And go over what we found in the floor.



How to update an old chandelier

How to update an old chandelier

Here is a quick and easy way to paint an old chandelier.

* Disclaimer* this is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliated links. This does NOT affect your price. Disclaimer

I made some new friends from HomeRight at the Haven conference this year. They sent me their finish max super paint sprayer and spray shelter to give it a try.  I have never used a paint sprayer before. I never tried painting a light fixture either. This was going to be a first all the way around. When I first got it in the mail I thought it looked like it was going to be hard to figure out. But I looked over the directions and read a blog post. After that, it was very easy to use.

Click for the sprayer

So let’s start at the beginning. I bought this on clearance over 10 years ago. I get it two-tone so it would match whatever I was doing at the time.

My husband took it down for me. So while I sat on the floor with it while I watched tv. I cleaned it off. Took off all the globes. Gave it a light sanding and cleaned it off again.

Then I taped off the socket so the paint would not get in. I tore it little sections so it would curve around.


Next, I got the pant sprayer ready. I added 1/4 cup of water with the white Bear paint I got at Home Depot. Put the mix into the sprayers bowl. I made sure the tip on the gun was the one I needed. The break down is in the directions. I sprayed the grass a little until I got spray right.

The tent pops up. Easy, done. The hook is the one for plants I had in the front yard.

It took 2 coats. I used the drying time on the paint can. That was a 45 min wait.  I had a heavy hand so there were a few runs in the paint. I just sanded over that before the 2ed coat.

The hard part was getting my husband back up. LOL

I hope you enjoyed this easy update!

If you stayed this long you get the fun pictures!!

my son saying he helped!!


I’m going to sneeze. LOL!

my husband telling me “work it girl” I look like

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How to make an affordable bookcase beautiful

Making an affordable bookcase beautiful

Hey! I wanted to share this easy update to a Walmart bookcase. I have had this bookcase for years but, it is still sold at the store. I will also add links for what you will need. The current price is $27.84 on their website. Really this is a no-brainer to make an affordable bookcase beautiful.

* Disclaimer* this is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliated links. This does NOT affect your price. Disclaimer
Second I got a roll of the self-sticking wallpaper at a Walmart store. It was sold out on the site at the time I wrote this ($26.74). Check your local store! I had been looking at another store for a more expensive brand and it was never there. I about fell out when I almost walked right past this one. Also, you will have leftover paper! Yay! another project.
 So let me start by telling you a little about the bookcase. Its only painted on the sides you will see. So the under part of the middle shelf and the top wasn’t painted on mine. The middle shelf is part of the frame. It does not move. The back is the thin cardboard stuff. If you can put the paper on before nailing the back on. It’s a little harder if you do it later. I had to work around the middle shelf.

step 1 – follow the directions to put the bookcase together. Lay out the back and wipe it off. Make sure there is nothing that would leave bumps in the paper.

step 2 – roll out the paper. The paper is not wide enough to cover the whole back. Then peel off a corner of the paper’s backing. This is so you can move the paper until it is straight. Try to get it as straight as you can. (it don’t have to be perfect) Once you have that one stuck down, you can start the second strip. I overlapped to make a seamless look. Match it up the best you can. Just peel and stick. I did run over it with a plastic wallcovering smoothing tool. To cut the paper I used a utility knife. You can use scissors or a razor blade.  Whatever works for you!   One word of caution. Put the cardboard from the box under the paper when you cut it. this will protect the flooring from your blade.

step 3 – finish following the directions and tack the back on your bookcase. Then style with your treasures!!

This was a quick and easy project. I am very happy with how it turned out. Love the way it looks now!.
Time to get back to painting the dining room. I will share that project with you soon.
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The Instagram Blues

Have you ever been caught up in the Instagram Blues?

(this is my personal opinion and thoughts. this is not any medical advice.)
For the past week, I have been in a rut. You see all the pretty houses and successful people. I started feeling like I just couldn’t live up to that. That what I have or how I live would never be that. So here is what I did.
I did what I could and set the phone down!
So I painted inside my house. I am still working on this. I only have time on Sundays to work on it. So it’s slow going but it’s looking good. I REALLY don’t like painting walls. So don’t think this is an easy fix, it’s not. But it is an upgrade I can do myself.
I plan on getting rid of some things. declutter is always a battle at my house. Everyone thinks the kitchen table is a dump zone. So this is one I continue to work on, but I plan to hit it hard one weekend soon.
I have plans to refinish my dining room table. I have never tried this before but I will share it no matter what. So success or fail it will be better than it is now. It has felt from an old tablecloth stuck all over the top. I have to keep it covered up now anyway.
As for me. I went to a conference for me. I have taken some free online classes to help me be more successful in my business. I some set plans now and it feels great. I took more care of my choices on clothes and makeup. I’m still me but I can play dress-up with clothes I already have and change things up. So today I am wearing a dress I haven’t worn in 2 years. Good thing it’s stretchy.  I doing what makes me feel pretty and better prepared to take on the day.
Take into account I have a day job where I am surrounded by haters. They are always making fun of everyone behind their back. Right now while I am writing you they are laughing at me. They can’t understand why I do what I’m doing so they are taring me down. But be stronger and rise above. I’m sitting here with a smile on my face looking like I come from the show “MAD MEN”. Rocking my look for today.
So if you take nothing else from this take this. Make some plans for you! lift up your head and do it! no one can take that from you. You don’t need anyone else approval.



My Favorite Go to Sites for money making ideas

If you’re looking to increase your revenue streams, Me Too!

so here is a list of sites for money making and budgets that I go to.

money making ideas

I like the research he has done here and really I am lazy too!

I am on these all the time looking at ways to make some money on the side 🙂



My Secret to Save~Making Money around the Holidays



My secret weapon to making money around the holidays is a website you’ve probably heard of but never knew you could earn money on – it’s EBATES!


Ebates has this really cool program where they give you anywhere between $50 – $100 for referring a few friends to their website. It’s really easy to do because Ebates is actually a website that saves people money, so a lot of people (including myself) use it when they go shopping online.


  1. Before you shop anywhere online (Amazon, ebay, your favorite store, etc) start by logging into Ebates first.
  2. Search for that online store / website name in the Ebates search bar
  3. Click on the link that pops up to take you to the website.
  4. Doing this starts an active “Ebates shopping session” where you will earn cash back on your purchases.
  5. After you make a purchase, you will be credited cash back in your Ebates account to cash out later!

It’s so easy. I literally use it for everything. Just yesterday I ordered a Shutterfly photo book using this method. Last week I ordered something on Amazon using this trick. Both websites I was going to buy something from already….but by starting my shopping sessions on Ebates, I got cash back on my purchases!


Once you use Ebates for the first time, you will no doubt LOVE it.

Several times a year (and especially around the holidays), Ebates will put out a promotion that says you can get cash for referring your friends to Ebates.

All you have to do when this happens is share your Ebates referral link with friends. If they end up making a cash back purchase after signing up under you, you’ll get a bonus!

It’s so easy. I do it every time a promotion comes out and because Ebates is so easy to refer people to (I mean, everyone LOVES cash back!), it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Click here to sign up for Ebates (it’s free to do so) and be ready when the next Refer-A-Friend promotion comes around!

Here’s proof that it works – this is my current signup bonus pending! It shows that I’ve already earned an easy $60 for this quarter! You cannot beat this opportunity to earn money without even hardly trying! They’ve been running these bonus specials for years, so I think it’s pretty safe to say you can count on this to continue for a long time


If you’re new to Ebates and sign up today, you’ll get something very special after you make your first online purchase using the method I described above. You’ll get a $10 bonus immediately credited to your account! This in in addition to the cash back you’ll get from the shopping session.

I love that they offer this deal! It gives you an incentive to earn cash back and a very good reason for all your friends to join, which will earn you referral commission! ????

You can easily signup up on mobile or desktop. When you click on the signup button, you’ll see a popup like this. You can sign up in seconds with Facebook or use an email address. I personally did it with Facebook to make things easy.


Note: If you see this signup bonus has expired, please let me know in the comments below.


For the past few years, Ebates has been back to back refer-a-friend promotions. After the holiday promotion ends, they do a late winter promotion, then a spring promotion, a summer promotion, and then another one….they basically do one at least every quarter and really hit them hard around the holidays.

The best part about this is – the more promotions they run = lots of chances for you to earn referral cash!

Every time you login to the Tell-A-Friend dashboard, you will see the current bonus structure. They range from $50 to $100 each. This is an older one that occurred around the holidays (hint: they always offer more around the holidays!)

ebates Q4 2015 referral tiers

This will vary from promotion to promotion, but it’s usually the same idea. Get a small bonus for one friend, a way bigger bonus for the second and third friends referred. And just a heads up = the bonus structure is usually a tad better around the holidays!


After you sign up for Ebates (it’s free to do so), you will see a “TELL-A-FRIEND” tab. Click on that and you’ll see your referral link. You can copy and paste your referral link for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, even in a text to your best friends.

Ebates dashboard Tell-A-Friend example

When your friends click on your referral link and sign up for Ebates, that signup will be linked to your account. And when that friend eventually uses Ebates to make a cash back purchase, you’ll earn referral credit!

IMPORTANT: Referral bounties don’t kick in until your friends ACTUALLY USE Ebates to claim their first rebate. But what’s great about Ebates is that there’s no time limitation on the activation. Once your friend signs up, as long as they use the site to get a cash back rebate during one of these promotion periods (remember – they happen lots during the year now), you’ll get your credit! And you can see all of this in your dashboard.

Now, if you really want to maximize your referral credit, make sure to tell your friends to make their first purchases ONLY WHEN Ebates is running the referral promotion. That way you will be sure to get your full referral credit. When it’s not in place, I believe the referral credit may be $5 per referral, although I’m not 100% sure about that.


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Ways to save Money on the power bill $$

Did you know their is cheap and easy ways to save on the power bill?

* Disclaimer* this is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliated links. This does NOT affect your price. Disclaimer

There are some basic you can do to save. Let’s start with the free things and work our way to the bigger things. A lot of my tips go back to the hot water heater or cooking. Anything that has to warm up uses a lot of power. So think about it the oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and space heaters. Anyways you can cut back on using it. Or help it run easier will be worthwhile.

  • set the thermostat to 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer
  • turn down the temperature on the hot water heater to 120 or less. This is a big one. Your hot water heater is running all the time. Making it run less makes a big difference.
  • wash clothes in cold water.
  • turn the heat dry setting off on the dishwasher.
  • Check for leaks on the A/C ducts. I found one A/C duct on my house had come loose. I had been wasting all the air from that vent going under the house. And I will tell you fixing that one vent made a big difference in the temperature of the whole house!
  • make sure refrigerator and freezer are set at the right temperature. If you don’t know. Look up the make and model online. That information should be inside the door.
  • keep the lint trap clean on the dryer. It will work easier that way. And run the dryer at night in the summer. This way it won’t heat up the house during the heat of the day. Making the A/C work harder.
  • Don’t use space heaters if you have other options. If you can use a fireplace or a wood stove to heat a room.
  • Like the dryer, try not to use the oven during the day. It takes a lot to get the oven up to temperature. So if you must use it put your food in early. Cut back on cooking time the best you can.

moving on to the suggestions that require some investment

  • Get a hot water heater blanket!! It can save up to 25% alone. I have got one for every house I’ve moved to. It’s not too expensive and very worth it.
  • Check around exterior doors. If you can see light through a closed door. Then you have a weatherstripping problem. Easy fix. There are different kinds. The main one pulls out of the door frame. Or you can get the peal and sick. I use this to add around the main weatherstripping or on interior doors if needed.
  • Replace any lights you can with solar lights.
  • Replace your 5 most used light bulbs with LED lights bulbs. BIG ONE!! This helped me out a lot.
  • Insulate windows. With a kit or even hang a blanket over the window in the winter.
  • add insulation in the attic. Anyplace you can increase insulation is a good idea.
  • check around in water lines coming into the foundation of the house. Any holes that air or bugs can get through fill with Great stuff. It’s just a spay that expands to fill the space. Real easy to use.
  • the last one, remember to change the filters on the A/C unit every 3 months. (check the size you need on the in-house part of the A/C unit)

        thank you for your time. I hope you find this as useful as I have.


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